Sacramento Electrical Contractor

Oct 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

Why choose Absolut

Absolut Electric is a Local Sacramento commercial electrician. We have 14 years of experience and we strive for ever increasing standards and efficiency.  Bad Electrical Engineering can cause extensive property damage and loss of life.  Having a contractor that knows what they are doing and goes above and beyond for safety is the best choice.

We combine tried and true safety with innovated tools and techniques.   SMUD works with commercial electricians in Sacramento with special rebates and incentive programs. We cross reference these projects in our bids to create the best opportunities for our clients.

Our goals are to create an ongoing relationship with our customers.  Honest, genuine, and helpful advice creates return business, but more importantly it saves money.  Scheduled maintenance is important for the longevity of your equipment.  Avoiding unexpected power outages that may cost a business valuable revenue and lost time from work. It is always cheaper to fix a problem when you know about it ahead of time.

We are Sacramento’s best Commercial Electrical Contractor.

We strive to provide continued long-term customer service as we work towards meeting our customer’s ongoing and evolving needs, call us at 916-572-0851 or click here to contact us.