Rebates for Commercial Property Owners

My landlord and friend is a pretty remarkable man.  He did well in the dairy industry and retired with properties.  He personally manages the building I rent my office out of.  Every year around Christmas his wife delivers a home baked Kahlua cake and it is well worth the yearly rent.  This year I wanted to see if there was something I could get him for Christmas in return, but what can you get a wealthy property owner?

I overheard him talking to one of his staff about his insurance costs.  His insurance went up as his property value went down.   This is where I suspected I could help my property management friend out.  I am a great networker and two people came to mind.  I might name drop a bit here, and if you’ve never heard of the folks you should still be impressed.

The first call was to Yuriy Fox, a client of mine who recently had us develop a website for him, The second was John Casey my personal insurance agent.  I say personal because I often call him after business hours to ask random questions about roadside assistance and errors and omissions policies.

Yuriy is the owner of Absolut Electric, a young ambitious electrical engineer who owns his own company.   I know the building I’m in hasn’t had any real electrical upgrades since the late 80s and I know that Yuriy was the guy to talk to.   Having been to the building before he gave me a list of things that he thought could help in bring the building up to modern standards, but more importantly he told me that there was a chance the owner wouldn’t have to come out of pocket.   He referred me to SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) and to PG&E.   Both offered rebates and assistance.

I jumped from phone to internet, which in my office are the same device, and pulled up both sites.   There are programs from both organizations for upgrading your commercial property.  There’s local businesses that have participated in the programs and I watched a local pizza place rave about the customer’s positive reaction to a more “green” store.  Essentially that’s what upgrading your electrical systems in a building is.  You’re putting in more efficient systems and replacing old ones with new.  For example replacing old light bulbs and lighting systems with energy efficient LEDs.

This was great news, it was panning out that there were assistance programs that would cover the installation and in some cases even pay for them, but I wasn’t done yet.   I had at least one more call to make.  I swiveled my chair and went from web browser back to phone and quick dialed John Casey. John told me that each situation has to be evaluated because there were some variables in premiums, but in general a property owner could save 10 to 20% annually.

Low or no cost to upgrade and savings on insurance. This turned out to be a great way to say thank you for that cake.

If you’d like to see if you qualify for any of these programs you can fill out a form here The Absolut team will evaluate your specific needs and match you up to any rebates and programs that your qualify for. You can also contact John Casey to review your policy.

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How to Avoid Counterfeit Electrical Products

Counterfeit luxury goods can be found online and in shady storefronts everywhere. What many people don’t realize is that counterfeiting extends to all kinds of products, including ones that can have a direct impact on your health and safety. Counterfeit electrical products like breakers, panels, switches, outlets, GCFIs and equipment of all kinds have also infiltrated the marketplace. Counterfeit electrical products are usually priced lower than legit ones because the manufacturers cut corners on materials and construction, resulting in devices that may have dangerous defects that can result in shorts and fires. Counterfeit electrical gear may even have fake UL Approved labels or other false certifications even though they have never undergone safety testing. Counterfeit products are costly! Over 10% of world trade is in counterfeit goods. In 2013, the US lost $200-250 Billion to Counterfeit products and the Grey Market, and subsequently has cost 750,000 US jobs. Many manufacturers, including Eaton, have taken steps to label their products with unique codes that can be checked online for authenticity. Warning Signs of Counterfeit Products When purchasing products, watch for suspicious characteristics:

  • Misspelled words on the product or packaging
  • The country of origin or manufacturing location is different from the genuine source
  • Product defects or performance issues
  • Unusually low price
  • Markings and other features on the packaging or the product look different or are missing. Look for missing certification marks, incorrect colors on labels or packaging, differences in shape or design, or missing components or product features.

To help ensure that you are getting safe, quality electrical components, Absolut Electric only buys from reputable wholesalers. Here are some resources where you can learn more about counterfeit electrical gear and how to spot it: Forbes – The Serious Risks from Counterfeit Electronic Parts Counterfeit Kills Schneider Electric – Counterfeiting State Electric – Spotting Counterfeit Breakers Eaton Anti-Counterfeiting Counterfeit Breaker Test