Charging Stations in Sacramento Create Income

May 6, 2019 | Upgrade Sacramento

Charging Vehicle in Sacramento

Electric Vehicle in Sacramento

You can’t be caught like a deer in the EV headlights.  As Sacramento transitions into a higher percentage of electric vehicles consumers will be searching for convenient charging.  This is not a cost of doing business but a form of revenue if you set it up correctly.  Depending on your property location, specific needs, and infrastructure on site, you can turn an empty parking spot into a hundreds of dollars a week in income.

Some charging stations allow a membership that will electronically charge your card when you key in  an activation code.  Others have hourly rates that can take a credit card.  Some charging stations can be placed in premium rental spots that can be collected by increased rental agreements.

What are the prices of Charging stations?  

What kind of charging station do I need?

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