Charging Station Installation

Today Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are starting to take over the roads, and not just brand new ones hot of the lot. We now have second hand hybrids being handed down to the next generation of drivers. Millions of people across the country are now reshaping the market with EV’s as the replacement to hybrids. The cost of a tank of gas is only going up and clean energy is here to stay. A full charge on your standard EV is only $17; compare that to filling up your tank. The numbers speak for themselves.

Sacramento has received 44 million dollars to upgrade into the Electric car capital of the world pushing consumers and businesses to adapt. Rebates, energy credits, incentive programs, and even cash in some cases are making it almost too easy to do.

EV cars are out there now with more on the horizon. Property owners who invest today will be ahead of this highly competitive curve. We have put together some information that can help you decide if you’re property is ready for EV Charging Stations.


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