EV Chargers

Apr 3, 2018 | Upgrade Sacramento

EV Chargers

What You Need to Know About DC Fast Charging

With the rapidly-growing battery sizes of electric vehicles, level 3 DC fast chargers are quickly becoming the standard for commercial charging applications. Here’s what you need to know about DC fast chargers so you can educate customers and installation partners:

  • 25kW stations will provide ~100 miles of range for every hour of charge. 50kW stations will provide about twice that.
  • Prices range from $7,500 for a 25kw single connector charger to $35,000 for 50kW dual connector networked stations
  • There are 3 plug types:
    • CHAdeMO – Asian standard
    • CCS – US & European standard
    • Tesla – They just had to be different… but adapters are available
  • Single and dual connector stations are available with CCS and/or CHAdeMO
  • Dual stations only charge 1 car at a time
  • Most full-electric EVs accept fast charging, but most plug-in hybrids do not

California already has the most electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the country and the number of drivers is still increasing rapidly.
Now, thanks to the new Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)Commercial Electric Charger Incentive Program, you can future-proof your property with EV charging and get back:

• Up to $3,000 per Level 2 charging station
• Up to $100K incentive per DC fast charging project

This program is available for all workplaces and multi-unit residential communities serviced by SMUD.

Find out which incentive is right for your business today.

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