Crypto Currency and Marijuana are changing the landscape of business in Sacramento

Sep 12, 2018 | Green and Gold

A new type of Currency: Crypto-Currency

Cannabis and Business in Sacramento

As the sun rose over the mud hut homes of our ancient ancestors’ goods were traded.  Cows for grains, tools for drinks.  When there was more trading than a single person could account for they created writing, then math.  Today the sun still rises over a bright future of commerce, and in California it has never been so historic.

A crop that predates written history is making its resurgence right along side a new form of conceptual currency.  The future and the past are married in new economic opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs on the west coast.  Legalized cannabis as a cash crop and cryptocurrency mining are two of the hottest trends for new and old businesses alike and the two make a good team up.

With the walls of regulation falling down cannabis is opening to smart businesses.  With local dispensaries always looking for well marketed products to sell small independent growers create unique breeds and blends mirroring the success of the microbrewery trends in the early 2000’s.  Proven market and a similar demographic create a map to success.

Small urban farms can focus on quality grow, and premium content, not on mass production. Utilizing the same business instincts and the local brew house, businesses can hybrid brands with existing intellectual properties.   Cannabis isn’t the only emerging business.

Bitcoin and Marijuana as a business model

Cryptocurrency has rocked the world with its fast gains and magical success.   The truth of the matter is that even though it wont skyrocket anytime soon that its ever increasing stability and encroachment into standard markets marks it as the newest edge on business.  Cryptomining is the turnkey for new entrepreneurs.

Cryptomines, privately owned data centers that focus on earning coins, can’t be built anywhere.  Efficient power, air and temperature control, and alternative energy access need to be in place if a mine is going to profit.   One of the best places to build a mine, interestingly, is near or attached to an Urban Farm.  Both would share initial investments in alternative power, air conditioning, power load adaptation.  Cryptomines generate a lot of heat that can vent into the farm, they use water cooled systems that can be bypasses from hydroponic pools, and both can benefit from water harvesting.

The sun never sets on business, from the mud huts and clay tablets, to the modern cryptomines and cannabis farms, there is always a place for trend setting, smart, entrepreneurs.  We are more than commercial electricians we install the future.