High Times and Business in Sacramento

Aug 20, 2018 | Green and Gold

Increase in crypto-currency around Cannabis market climbing.Many businesses are looking into the development of cryptomining. This new industry has been very profitable for up-and-comers trying to ride the wave of technology. As bitcoin and similar currency begin to reshape the world a new partner to this business is walking in right beside.

Legalized marijuana is a year-round cash crop with demand for specialized breeds. With increased need for CBD oils the plant is quickly becoming a booming industry. It sits precariously between Federal and State regulations creating unique challenges to investors. Cryptocurrency, and legalized cannabis are natural business partners as they share many of the same investor and buyer demographics. It’s more than whose buying and whose investing.

Bitcoin mining needs power supplementation, heat exchange, and mechanical cooling. Cannabis, needs power supplementation, temperature regulation, and hydro mechanical systems. Peas in a pod.

During the cold season mining operations vent warm air and in the summer both can share climate control with limited air conditioning and water-cooling evaporators. Additionally, cannabis operations and distributors use cryptocurrency when federal backing is not available.

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