How to Build a Bitcoin Mine…

There is an excitement when anyone talks about the mystery of Bitcoin and cryptomining.  Its not easy to understand and harder to explain. Here you’ll find an easy to understand description for business owners to evaluate its value.  Each page will have simple explanations with a “Deeper Dive” for those who need more information.

Profitable cryptocurrency mining, BitCoin mining,  farming, it has several names, isn’t something that can be done in the garage. The space you would need to make it work would quickly exceed a home or small workshop. Business and property owners can maximize their current situations to develop this new revenue.

Yuriy Fox is a local Sacramento Commercial Electrician who wants to share his passions about Blockchain, cryptocurrency with everyone.  Enjoy this no nonesense eplanation. Whether your a business or just curious about the whole thing this will be an informative read.  Start by clicking one the the links below:

What is Bitcoin mining?          What is the Cost of owning a mine?             What software do I need?