Hydroponics for Cryptocurrency Mines and Cannabis Farms

Aug 21, 2018 | Green and Gold

Hydro Efficiency Between Farm and Mine.

Using a Hydroponic System to farm Crypto-Currency.

Other unique systems involve integration with irrigation or hydroponic systems to regulate water temperature and keep the miners cool. Both aforementioned cryptocurrency applications reduce overhead as the gains in mining can offset energy costs.

California has relaxed water harvesting laws allowing for reduced cost of water intake. Depending on your property you might be able to replace up to 60% of your water needs.

Hydroponics vs Soil; The Dirty Facts

Hydroponics is hardly new technology.  The concept has been around since the middle ages, but recently with water pump efficiency, solid understanding of nutrient mixtures, and better solar and power options, hydroponics has become a powerful option to soil.

In situations where there is limited space or raw acreage, smaller areas can easily use vertical space to multiply the crop yields.  It takes less manpower, gives greater control of expenditures and costs, and when combined with water harvesting or recycling creates a boon for public relations.

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Water Harvesting regulations