Overcoming Challenges to Current Cannabis Farms

Aug 20, 2018 | Green and Gold

Property Evaluation

Open room with no lights.

The first hurdle to overcome is power at the site. Not all properties can handle the power load, and those that can may not be up to code. Each property has its own unique circumstances and requires an evaluation focused on the end goal. In the case of a grow-house, with electric power being the largest regular investment, alternative power sources, heating and pumping are usually needed. Water is also a difficult challenge to some properties and its costs can be off set by water harvesting in some cases.

Finding the right location is more than just power. State and local governments have a series of rules and regulations that must be maintained when growing controlled crops. Specific security and safety requirements must be recognized in the selection of an area. Water availability, use, and Sacramento City regulations, are all issues that arise from the location and age of the structure. Absolut and  Cannafornia Construction and Consulting are up to date on all permits and regulations that must be filed and we’re here to advise you on current or potential properties.

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Deeper Dive

Do you know your local regulations on growing your own cannabis?