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Today Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are starting to take over the roads, and not just brand new ones hot off the lot. We now have second hand hybrids being handed down to the next generation of drivers. Millions of people across the country are now reshaping the market with EV’s as the replacement to hybrids. The cost of a tank of gas is only going up and clean energy is here to stay. A full charge on your standard EV is only $17; compare that to filling up your tank. The numbers speak for themselves.

Sacramento has received 44 million dollars to upgrade into the Electric car capital of the world pushing consumers and businesses to adapt. Rebates, energy credits, incentive programs, and even cash in some cases are making it almost too easy to do.

EV cars are out there now with more on the horizon. Property owners who invest today will be ahead of this highly competitive curve. We have put together some information that can help you decide if you’re property is ready for EV Charging Stations.

What is EV Infrastructure &

Why is it Important?

Electric vehicle infrastructure is a booming industry, and one that aims to make EV charging stations as accessible and prevalent as your neighborhood gas station.

There is one problem, however, and that comes down to how much installation of an EV charging station costs for a business.

The process of installing the electric charging equipment and the components can be quite expensive. Significant overhead has been a major roadblock to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

A single Level 3 charging station can cost as much as $50,000 to purchase and install.

That’s a hefty price tag for small businesses.

But, fortunately, we have a solution for this problem.

What can Absolut Electric

Do for Your Company?

In addition to state and federal incentive programs, Absolut Electric’s unique partnership program can help you get an electric vehicle charging station installed at your business’ location free of cost.

How, you might ask, is this possible?

Absolut Electric works directly with third party owner investors that will pay to have your EV charging stations installed.

They will cover all costs associated with the operation of your EV charging stations, including installation, operation, maintenance, and even the electricity bills they generate.

For a period of time, our third-party investors will retain ownership of the EV charging station assets and collect the revenue and low carbon fuel credits from their operation.

But you might be wondering what the benefits are of taking advantage of this program.

Is a charging station right for you?

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

A vehicle’s electrical energy is stored in the battery, and one of the biggest roadblocks to the adoption of electric vehicles was battery life and longevity. Thankfully, the durability of electric vehicle batteries has improved greatly.

And the technology in EV batteries is constantly evolving, in fact there is talk currently that the lithium-ion battery could be replaced by a new, lower cost, safer to operate, and longer-lived solid-state lithium-metal battery.

Though, even now, the Tesla Model 3 boasts a maximum range of 353 miles, which is far better than the first generation of electric vehicles offered.

Okay, so, say you want to take advantage of Absolut Electric’s third-party program, what do you have to do?