What kind of charging stations are there?

May 9, 2019 | Upgrade Sacramento

Charging stations are usually chosen based on what your properties needs are.  They come in three basic configurations that are relevant to most business; All purpose, fleet, and fast charge. The actual charging unit can be mounted on a wall or built into freestanding units.  Some will have outer casings similar to the gas station pumps, but they will all be made of similar mechanical components.

All-purpose chargers are the most common seen in malls, shopping centers, and parking structure.  Great for community or small businesses.

Fleet chargers are usually set up for a slower charge for vehicles that set over night, taking advantage of off hour power use.

Fast Chargers are primarily for properties or businesses that cater to EV clients.   These are best when near commuter corridors or metropolitan areas where over night charging might not be readily available.

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