How Much Power Does it Take to Grow Cannabis in Sacramento?

Aug 20, 2018 | Green and Gold

Electric infra-structure warehouse.

Commercial cannabis operations have minimum energy supply infrastructure needs of 4000 amps, which rival small factories and industrial operations. These infrastructure upgrades are quite costly, as are the monthly utility bills.

These costs have been a mounting concern within the cannabis industry as energy expenditure has quickly become the most significant source of overhead within the world of cultivation. Additionally, energy rates from Investor Owned Utilities, like Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison, have rates that increase on nearly a yearly basis.

To make matters worse, contemplated California Legislation would require cannabis cultivators to offset a minimum of 42% of energy consumption with renewable energy. While this would assist in lowering monthly utility costs, and generally be better for the environment, the upfront capital cost of these infrastructure upgrades would squeeze small and mid-size operations.  Fortunately, there are ways to work within and around these problems.

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